Clemens Damerau

Film Composer | Arranger | Producer

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Composer for Films, TV, Games, Theatre, Commercials
"Imaginative & Engaging" - Conrad Pope

His work was imaginative and engaging. He has written music that is lyrical and dramatically effective. He is a composer with enough technique to make his expressive intentions clear.
— Conrad Pope


Clemens Damerau (born august 12, 1993 in Gehrden, Hanover) is a German (film) composer, arranger and producer.

An accomplished musician, Clemens began his musical career at age five. Since then, he has had numerous of achievements in the world of music. 
After many years of taking piano lessons he was studying 'Composition' at the University of Music, Theatre and Media Hanover (HMTMH) in Germany with his professor Raphael D. Thöne. Clemens is currently studying 'Composition for Screen' at the Royal College of Music, London for a Master of Composition.

For almost 10 years he was keyboardist and singer of the Rock-, Pop- and Soulband GetSet. Later on he played as a pianist in the Salsa-BigBand Labiba. He was also a member of the award winning choir Vivid Voices.

A turning point in Damerau's life came in when he met Conrad Pope (Film Composer & Orchestrator from Hollywood) and took private lessons with him.

He is working as a composer, studio musician and assistent at the recording studio D-Room.
He has worked for “NDR - Norddeutscher Rundfunk”.
He is teaching the piano.

He has worked on several movies, commercials and for theatre.