Clemens Damerau


Film Composer

UK +44 7490 981987

Composer for Films, TV, Games, Theatre, Commercials
"Imaginative & Engaging" - Conrad Pope


The Wormworld Saga is a fantastic adventure about the little boy Jonas who finds a magic painting that transports him into another magic world. A big thank you to Daniel Lieske, IAMA and the Staatskapelle Halle.

60 Seconds Countdown Before TV-News (2017)

This is a 60 second countdown before TV-news.
Music & Video by Clemens Damerau.

Das Indische Grabmal (2017)

A musical setting of a scene from Fritz Lang's silent movie "Das Indische Grabmal" from the year 1938.
Music recorded with the Staatskapelle Halle.

The rights to images and text are and shall remain the property of FRIEDRICH-WILHELM-MURNAU STIFTUNG WIESBADEN.

TAMAH - Short Film (2017)

"Tamah" Short Film by Erhan Yürük rescored.
Original Music of the film by Jeremy Dirat.

Original video:


Commercial Spot by Quadral.

A brand new release of a high-end speaker by Quadral.

A film by Marco Mummenthey & Jonas Feldmann
Music by Clemens Damerau


Short Film (Animation)

Created by (Animations) – Theresa Schade

Vocals – Gina Baldow

Music & Sound by Clemens Damerau


Composition with visual elements for people with cochlear implants (CI).

“New Soundscapes” is an electronic piece written especially for people with cochlear implants (CI). The CI carrier is able to interpret sound visually as light projections which follow the rhythmic impulses of music. Variations in color and light intensity represent high and low volumes in the piece.

This composition was premiered on February 13, 2015 in Hanover, Germany.

ZUFALL (2014)

Short Film

Writer, Director, Producer – Caroline Wloka

Assistant Director – Susan Stuebi

Music / Sound Mix – Clemens Damerau