Clemens Damerau


Film Composer

UK +44 7490 981987

Composer for Films, TV, Games, Theatre, Commercials
"Imaginative & Engaging" - Conrad Pope


The BItter Taste

Horror Feature Film (2020)

Film is currently in PRE PRODUCTION.
Director: Guido Tölke
Writer: Julia Dordel



Short Film (2019)

A guy who can’t accept that his mother passed away is obliged to live with his father who wants to move on.
Written, Directed & Edited by Andrea Banfi.

Tea at the table

Short Film (2019)

A Japanese teenager tries to come out to his father trying to explain that he is gay.
Written, Directed & Edited by Yuanhao Song.

That’s All

Orchestral Arrangement (2019)

Original Music by Bob Hayner & Alan E. Brandt
Arranged & Orchestrated by Clemens Damerau
Orchestral Arrangement
Duration: 4:40′

The Children’s Society works to support vulnerable children and young people across the UK. The animation “When I Moved Here” is part of a series. To view more visit:

Animation by Weijia Hou

When I Moved Here

Short Animation (2019)


A Stranger

for solo Piano (2018)

Piano I duration: 5:50′ I
PREMIERE  June 8, 2018 in Hanover (HMTMH);
played by Sahar Taherkhani [piano]

Disney: The World Above
(The Little Mermaid)

Orchestral Arrangement (2018)

Original Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Glenn Slater
Arranged & Orchestrated by Clemens Damerau
Orchestral Arrangement
Duration: 2:30′

Disney: Overture / Descent Into Sea
(The Little Mermaid)

Orchestral Arrangement (2018)

Original Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Glenn Slater
Arranged & Orchestrated by Clemens Damerau
Orchestral Arrangement
Duration: 1:30′

Somebody Loves Me

Arrangement (2018)

Music & Lyrics by George Gershwin / Ballard MacDonald / B.G. De Sylva
Arranged & Orchestrated by Clemens Damerau
Bb-Trumpet, Tenor Sax, E-Guitar, E-Bass, Drumset, Vocals, Piano
Duration: 3:30′

Wormworld Story (Trailer)

Game Trailer (2018)

The Wormworld Saga is a fantastic adventure about the little boy Jonas who finds a magic painting that transports him into another magic world. A big thank you to Daniel Lieske, IAMA and the Staatskapelle Halle.
Orchestral I Duration: 3:30 min


Alaotra - endangered treasures of madagascar

Documentary (2017)

Original Music (Theme)
Company: Dorcon Film Productions
Orchestral I Duration: 80 min I
PREMIERE  May 7, 2017 – Kino im Künstlerhaus Hanover

Commerzbank - DLC

Commercial Spot (2017)

Commerzbank DLC – Commercial Spot
Company: Commerzbank (Agency: RCKT GmbH & Co. Kg)
Orchestral, Electronic I Duration: 2 min

Das Indische Grabmal (1938)

Short Silent Movie Scene (2017)

A musical setting of a scene from Fritz Lang's silent movie "Das Indische Grabmal" from the year 1938.
Music recorded with the Staatskapelle Halle.
Orchestral I Duration: 3:30 min

Eras of mankind

Mobile Game (2017)

Eras Of Mankind (Theme)
Company: Millennials GbR
Orchestral, Electronic I Duration: 4:00′ I
PREMIERE  unknown

Sixty Seconds Countdown before TV-News (2017)

60 Seconds Countdown Before TV-News
Orchestral, Electronic I Duration: 1:00′ I

You Are My Inspiration

Arrangement (2017)

“You Are My Inspiration”
Composer: Dietmar Kawohl
Arranged by Clemens Damerau
Violin, Piano, Vocal I Duration: 4:15′ I
PREMIERE  07/07/2017


Bond 77

Arrangement (2016)

Arr.: Bond 77 – Marvin Hamlisch
Bigband I Duration: 3:30′ I
PREMIERE  7th Of June, 2016 – Lecture Hall, HMTMH Hanover

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Arrangement (2016)

Arr.: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Hugh Martin, Ralph Blane
Jazz-Combo I Duration: 4:15′ I
PREMIERE  13th of December, 2016 – HMTM Hanover / Germany

LEVIATHAN (Stageplay)

Music for Theatre (2016)

Stage Play “LEVIATHAN”
Orchestral I Duration: 1:00 h I
PREMIERE  12th Of May, 2016 – Studio Theatre Expo Plaza Hanover



Commercial (2016)

Company: Quadral (HiFi / Surround Speakers)
Orchestral I Duration: 0:40′ I



Musical Piece (2015)

string orchestra, oboe, horn I duration: 3:30′ I

Glorious Sweet*

Musical Piece (2015)

trombone choir I duration: 2:00′ I
* wordplay on „Suite”


New Soundscapes

Electronical Piece (2015)

electr. comp. for users of cochlear implants I duration: 5:30′ I
PREMIERE  13th of february, 2015 – Sparkassen-Forum Hanover I
audio recording available

The Control Master

Short Film (2015)

music for the short film “The Control Master” by Run Wrake I duration: 6:30′ I
audio recording available


Game (2015)

Music for computer game: “zApocalypse” I duration: 5:00′ I



Musical Piece (2014)

trio I duration: 3:00′ I
PREMIERE  20th of june, 2014 – Orangerie of Herrenhäuser Gärten Hanover;
Ensemble Mosaik:
Simon Strasser [oboe], Chatschatur Kanajan [violin],
Mathis Mayr [violoncello] I
concert recording available!


Disegni Piccoli

Musical Piece (2013)

quartet I duration: 2:00′ I
PREMIERE  2nd of december, 2013 – Hanover (HMTMH);
Ensemble Musikfabrik:
Peter Veale [oboe], Marco Blaauw [trumpet],
Dirk Rothbrust [percussion], Juditha Haeberlin [violin] I
concert recording available!

Duo For trombone

Musical Piece (2013)

trombone duo I duration: 0:40′ I
PREMIERE  13th of october, 2013 – Hanover (anniversary of HMTMH);
cast: Arne Morgner [trumpet 1], Christoph Grages [trumpet 2]


Electronical Piece (2013)

electronic comp. I duration: 4:37′ I
PREMIERE  29th of june, 2013 – ZKM Karlsruhe I
available as stereo, 8-channel and 16-channel audio!

Quartett Of Experience

Musical Piece (2013)

quartet I duration: 2:05′ I
PREMIERE  2nd of june, 2013 – Herrenhausen Gardens Hanover;
Ensemble Mosaik:
Bettina Junge [piccolo], Mathis Mayr [cello],
Ernst Surberg [piano], Roland Neffe [percussion] I
concert recording available!


Crazy Little Thing Called Music

Musical Piece (2012)

quintet I duration: 2:07′ I
piano, electric bass, marimba, xylophone, drums

Das Wandern

Musical Piece (2012)

duo for piano and vocals I duration: 1:25′ I

Lleno De Vida

Musical Piece (2012)

for piano I duration: 1:11′ I